Monday, 5 March 2012

Big Beauty Haulin' (Avon, MUA, Sleek Makeup)

Hey everyone! Long time no see, i know! I miss blogging way to much now, I've been so bust with school lately and I've just not had the time to blog, BIG massive apologies!
Anyway, it's like half 10 at night whilst i'm writing this right now, but I just wanted to show you a great big pile of things that i've bought recently! Hopefully the haul video should be up on my YouTube channel very soon! I have never actually brought this many stuff at once, so I call it big ahah!
Anyway I'm off to bed, and sorry for this being a short post once again, but I've got to hit the sacks as I've got to wake up early for school tomorrow!
But I'm back, and I should be blogging at least 2-3 times a week!

-Daisy xo

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

School gets harder, I get busier...

Hello, everyone, so I have been gone for over a month, and I feel so bad! Seriously! I need to step up my game and really focus on blogging (+ you-tubing) but it's just school, if you follow me on twitter, you will know why I've been MIA and off! I hate it when it's like this. I've been doing my exams, and I still have a bunch of it coming up! I've been studying/revising and just working hard to be fully prepared for my exams! I have had no time whatsoever to even film videos on my YouTube channel regularly (apart from weekends) I have been missing blogging, and I have 1 month's catch up of the people I follow on blogger, because I love reading people's blogs!   

This is literally the first time since my last blog post, that I've signed into blogger! I miss it so bad :( I just wanted to quickly use the spare time I have on my hand to give you all a valid excuse to why I've been gone! I do want to say I'm sorry. I'm starting to get things more organised, so I should be blogging soon! I will definitely be blogging this weekend. It's a very exciting one! So keep an eye on my blog!

I hope to be fully blogging nearly everyday soon! But for now, I can blog a few times a week! It's just that GCSE's are crazy right now!

See you soon, all lovely followers,

                                                                    Daisy x

Friday, 9 December 2011

When school takes over! -Christmas cake, Art, Exams!

Hey beauty dolls! So, I am going to actually fully explain myself... I have not been able to blog in about a week or film a video on my YouTube channel! I have been stressing over revising for my exams! I actually had an English Literature exam today, it was so nerve-wracking! I was sat in an exam hall, writing about Romeo and Juliet for 2 hours! I have 3 exams in January coming up, so I'm going to be pretty much a busy girl 24/7 :( I obviously want to do well! It's GCSE's i'm doing lol!

Anyways on the other had I also take GCSE Catering and Art, as you can see in the pictures above,  it's a painting i'm still in the process of doing for my art coursework! Also because of the Christmas season, my catering class decided to make a Christmas cake! This is my design, it could be better to be honest ahaah, but I got the grade: A*, so i'm a happy girl! If you don't already know Christmas cakes can be preserved for about 6 months, so me and my family, are eating it on Christmas day! Ahh I'm so excited for the Christmas holidays, so that I can relax! If you don't already know, I will be getting a new camcorder to film my videos!

Hopefully in time for Christmas, because I want to film holiday inspired tutorials, and new years tutorials in Full HD quality!
I am busy all this week till next week as well, but I will be filming several videos tomorrow, that will be uploaded onto my channel in the week!
See you all soon, and I hope you understand how busy I am!!!! It's crazy!

Hope to see you all soon!

Daisy X

Friday, 2 December 2011

December Lovin'! ♥

Hey girlies!! Sorry it's been a while again! All i'm going to say is SCHOOL! Just wanted to write a quick blog post- I'TS DECEMBER & that means Christmas is 23 days away! I'm super excited! So much is going on
and i'm literally buzzing with excitement! Even though i'm 15, the excitement of Christmas is beyond my control LOL!
I cannot wait till we have our Christmas break, I will be filming lots of videos, and posting more regularly! Every day if you're lucky! Anyways... I have an exam next week, so I won't be able to blog probably for the whole of next week, so that's why i'm going to take lots of pictures, and post them when i'm free next week!
So.. the weather is getting colder, and colder!? But it still hasn't snowed yet?!  I'm pretty surprised, because I do want it to snow!

This time last year it was snowing like HELL! (not that it snow it hell lol!)
I'm getting all excited to layer up for the winter, and drink hot chocolate, and watch movies indoors! I just want it to snow! I like to go outside in the snow...despite the fact that I do not like SNOWBALL FIGHTS!
Hate being bombarded by snowballs... it always happens to me though lol!

Who's excited for Christmas and/or the snow?! ( I KNOW I AM!)
I will be blogging this weekend- so FOLLOW FOLLOW!

Much love,

Saturday, 26 November 2011

My Makeup Collection is growing...

Hey Dolls! Wow,  so I started to properly collect makeup since April 2011, and I think that it has grown so much! I have over 13 lipsticks, more than 10 different brushes, and so much more, i'm so proud of myself! Ha! I think I should stop for a while though because, I need to spend my money on clothes! I am still needing to shop for winter clothes/shoes, so you will probably see a haul, late winter or something!

Friday, 25 November 2011

New Makeup Buys: ELF!

Alright Ok! Before I explain myself, I know I have been gone off blogger for over a month, I have been so crazy, all my GCSE's exams, decided that they wanted to pile up on me! So I NEEDED to study! I am so sorry, but I'm pretty sure you would understand me! School is really important to me, and I want to do well! Okay, now I have that off my chest, I have an exciting post I want to share with you! I decided to treat myself with some ELF makeup,  I ordered these, and 2 days after I got it! I must say that the shipping it very good! I am ever so happy with the things I ordered, not because I've tried them, but because, they are things I've wanted to get for a long time! I got a range of makeup from, face, eyes, lips! I also got a new set of makeup brushes, I'm sorry that you can't see the products clearly, but I will be filming a haul video tomorrow, so if you want to know more details about the makeup products that I purchased then stay tuned for that video!

 I actually bought these things on offer! ELF were having a 40% off everything sale, so I knew I had to get some few bits! (There is a random brush in the background, so please ignore that lol- it's nothing to do with this) Am I the only one who gets so excited when something you order, comes through the post!? I get so excited, there were certain things like the elf 'Mineral Infused Primer' that I really want to try out, to see how it goes. But I will always do a review if I like something! But yeah... anyways, I hope you all enjoyed this blog post, because I found this pretty exciting. I can now promise you that if I don't blog on weekdays, I will definitely be able to blog on the weekend. Because weekdays (school days) I have a schedule of studying/revising, so i'm a super busy girl! I know you all understand, that's why I love you all so much! Thank for understanding. Hope you enjoyed this, because I did!
I will see you all very soon, and check my YouTube channel, if you would like to see a haul/talk video of the things I got!


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