Saturday, 6 August 2011

Fashion/Style Inspiration #2: Rihanna

Hey Dolls! So this week's fashion/style inspiration is Rihanna! I realized I need to do these things every week because it's so much fun! My last Fashion and style inspiration was Kim Kardashian. But Rihanna is also a fashion icon to me! I have something that is very similar to Rihanna's style...CASUAL! I love wearing casual, and I'm always wearing casuals! I just feel so comfortable when I'm wearing casual clothes. 

I mean you can dress it up which is good; with a few accessories! Rihanna always looks so fresh looking her make-up to her fashion! I love that about her! My favourite picture above would probably have to be the second one! I would so wear that! I honestly think that Rihanna can pull anything of! From hairstyles, to make to fashion. I think she looks gorgeous in anything! She has such a beautiful figure, that's exactly why she can pull anything off! 

That is all for today, I think I should do my fashion/style inspiration posts every Saturday so that I can keep in track of everything. This is one of my favourite posts to do! Anyways who are your fashion and style inspirations? I would love to know! I will definitely be doing more fashion/style blog posts!

Daisy X


  1. I absolutely love Rihanna!! just everything about her, her music, hair, body, fashion sense just everything!! Just wanted to let you know that ive changed my blog name and URL so please check my channel out and follow :) x


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