Monday, 20 June 2011

ELF Cream Eyeliner Review

Hi my beautiful readers! So as you can see this is a review post; if you you watch my videos on YouTube, you will have known that I have a ELF haul up & this ELF Gel Eyeliner; one of the things I was so excited to open up and try!  I get so excited whenever  I get something new! Aha!
Well all I can say is that this thing is amazing! 

 I'm greatly satisfied with this product! I got it in black, and it is VERY black, It stays on well, I even slept with it on without much smudging, but once my eyes watered and it smudged much easier.
Overall, I really like it. I love the fact that it comes with a little eyeliner brush, because I didn't have one yet. One of the main things I like about this Cream liner, is the amount of product that comes of one dip. As you can see in the picture above this has been dipped the the pot once, and that's how much product I got! I was surprisingly amazed! 

For me this one is a huge HIT!! i have been using MAC blacktrack for 2 years. I know people are complaining about it. I thought it worked OK for me, meaning never dried up after 2 years... but ELF changes my opinion! It is so much darker and creamier and easier to use! 
 I have used similar products from Estee lauder, Bobbi Brown, physician's formula. and this by far is comparable to bobbi brown! love love love! well done ELF! 

I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a good cream eyeliner! It is Ah-mazing! Oh wow, this is a long post! Haha, anyway, hope this helped, and I hoped I gave an informative review! 

                            Daisy x

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Highlighter for dark/tan skin & Update!

Hi Everyone!  So basically this is a post about good highlighters for dark/tan skin, I love this product so much! I use the pink/peachy colour and apply that on my cheekbones, to give it a dewy, shimmering effect to my skin. I actually purchased this at bodycare! Unfortunately it's like Lush, there are branches in the UK but not everywhere! I will definitely do a video about this very soon! I know this is a short post! Aha, sorry! But school as been on my mind for the past few weeks! I have Art&Graphics coursework to complete! But I should film on the weekend! & I know exactly what I'm going to film! You just wait and see! Anyway, I hope you all have a good week! Stay updated for new posts!


Saturday, 11 June 2011

Neutral Eyes with Dramatic Liner!

 Tutorial will be on my channel!
Have an awesome weekend everyone!


Sunday, 5 June 2011

My Top Picks for Summer Nail Paints!

My top picks for summer! 

Barry M nail paint- Block Orange: I love this for summer just because it seems to be a happy, bright colour, and I think it complements any skin tone very well!

NYC Quick dry nail polish - Prospect Park Pink-  It's a gorgeous muted pink but I love this nail colour and it's perfect for summer!

Barry M nail pain- Pink Flamingo- I love love this so much! It's slightly brighter than the NYC pink, but it's a lovely colour!

Barry M Nail paint- Cobalt blue- Lovely bright colour, this one makes my skin tone really stand out!

Rimmel London Wear Maxx nail polish- Celebrity Bash- I know it an odd colour pick for summer, but I have been liking the darks a bit, it's just a dark wine coloured red and it definitely stay on for about a week!

What are you picks?
See you soon!


Saturday, 4 June 2011

Recent Buy!

Just one of my recent buys! I bought this for school, as I am entering my GCSE's I need a new bag (big one!) to put all my schoolwork/coursework inside!
This was from primark! Retails for £10! 
It's kind of vintage inspired, has lots of space/room inside for everything!  Anyway stay updated for more blog posts this week!

Take care

Thursday, 2 June 2011

What's in Daisy's Bag?

What's in my bag?
Well see for yourself!!
  • Purse/Wallet- Matalan
  • House Keys
  • Umbrella! (always need that)
  • Charlie body spray- I always need to smell nice!
  • Water bottle
  • Pen
  • Hair Clip- just in case my hair doesn't decide to cooperate with me like always
  • Hair Brush
  • Lip stains- Love them!
  • Vaseline- Rosy & Original- best lip moisturizers ever!
  • Givenchy sample perfume
  • Phone
  • Ipod- In love with my iPod, it needs to be with me all the time! (including headphones)
  • Hair ties
  • Bobby pins
  • Cherry drops (sweets) I always need something sweet in my mouth. sweet tooth eh? 
What's in YOUR bag? 

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