Sunday, 5 June 2011

My Top Picks for Summer Nail Paints!

My top picks for summer! 

Barry M nail paint- Block Orange: I love this for summer just because it seems to be a happy, bright colour, and I think it complements any skin tone very well!

NYC Quick dry nail polish - Prospect Park Pink-  It's a gorgeous muted pink but I love this nail colour and it's perfect for summer!

Barry M nail pain- Pink Flamingo- I love love this so much! It's slightly brighter than the NYC pink, but it's a lovely colour!

Barry M Nail paint- Cobalt blue- Lovely bright colour, this one makes my skin tone really stand out!

Rimmel London Wear Maxx nail polish- Celebrity Bash- I know it an odd colour pick for summer, but I have been liking the darks a bit, it's just a dark wine coloured red and it definitely stay on for about a week!

What are you picks?
See you soon!



  1. I love Barry M nail paints I definatley need to own more! :) X

  2. adore the blue polish =]


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