Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Fashion/Style Inspiration #1: Kim Kardashian

Hello beautiful girlies,

 First of all, notice my new blog header? Do you like it? Anyway... I was so excited to write this blog post, because it was going to be about Kim Kardashian, I absolutely adore her so much, her fashion/style is a huge inspiration to me, it's weird because I've recently just got so like...obsessed with her fashion/style, and her smokey eye makeup! Another reason to why I got an obsession with her style and fashion is because, I randomly started watching 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' and Khloe and Kourtney take New York! 
 I suddenly started obsessing with her style since then! From what I can see I can't really explain her style because it's unique, fun and she changes her style all the time! (Bit like me!) She has the most gorgeous,voluminous, bouncy hair ever, I would definitely want to swap! There isn't actually a photo of her in fashionable clothes that I don't like!

I mean I know that her clothes are picked by her stylist and that their expensive, but I could definitely, do her style looks for an affordable price! What do you think? I can tell she really loves her casuals but she can really dress up casual, which I like about her, she can add statement pieces to her outfit, to make it look gorgeous! I can also tell she loves wearing blazers, it looks really good with a plain tank top, and even a colourful top,if you do it right!
Kim isn't my only fashion/style inspiration, but she is definitely one of them. I have lots of other fashion/style inspiration, that's why I put '#1' meaning I have other posts, similar to this to come up! She loves to bring her purse with her everywhere, and it always seems to match with the outfit.  I love Kim Kardashian!!! She's a huge style inspiration, and I actually look up to her! Who are your fashion and style inspiration?
Will be posting soon!

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