Sunday, 17 July 2011

My hair extensions (Echo Hair Extensions)

Hello Again!! You can see I've been on a roll with my posts eh? I'm so happy that I can finally write posts, because I miss it, and I needed a huge catch up! ...Anyway this post is about my hair extensions, that I wear in a lot of my videos. I've been getting a lot of questions about my hair, so I'm just going to tell you as much about it as possible.

I got these extensions at my local beauty supply store, retailing for £27.99, they are pricey but I think that it's definitely worth it, the mistake I made about these extensions were the colour. It was to dark, i should have got a colour lighter...but at the time I thought it was OK, because it matched my hair colour. But because my hair colour gets lighter in the sun, it doesn't match anymore.  

I mean I could dye it, so that's not to much of a problem. Another question I get asked is..." Isn't your hair texture different from the extensions?" Yes the texture is different, at first I thought is wasn't going to work, but the more I put in my extensions, the more it blends in with my extensions. They are '14' inches long, which is pretty long, and there are 4 wefts of hair, which covers the whole head.

Anyway, hope this helped!

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad that I have full thick hair and don't need extensions.
    Sometimes having lots of super thick hair is a pain in the butt,
    but I just can't ever imagine paying so much for some hair extensions.

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