Wednesday, 24 August 2011

I miss you!!

Hello Dolls! Omg it feels weird actually having some time on my hands this evening to blog! I have never been so busy, it's crazy! I've been busy with schoolwork, hanging with friends and family, but I've just never had the time to blog or film! I am really sorry, because blogging and filming is something I enjoy doing! I guess I never knew that as school gets closer, I become busier. I know some people were asking me if everything is okay and all that, but I'm doing well thanks! (Big smile on my face!) [picture above] Haha

I have been enjoying my summer break even though I have just over 2 weeks left tills school starts (sad face) I promise I will start blogging from this weekend, and I will pre-record some videos, so that I don't leave you all for that long! I honestly feel so bad, and I have a lot of catch up to do on blogs and YouTube videos! I NOW, have a few ideas for some posts to come very soon, so no brainfart, ahaha!

For those in the UK, if you know how stressing and annoying it is to be entering into year 10! (GCSE/Exam year) It's so stressing, and I have to shop so much for school supplies! I love shopping for school supplies! I've never spent this much on school, but I'm happy I am because I kinda strangely enjoy it! (some subjects that is) I know that instead of posting about things that have been going on, I could have posted about something beauty related, but I felt that I had to explain why I was so of the blogging and YouTube.

I do hope you can forgive me haha, but I promise from this weekend, I should be back on the roll with blogging and YouTube, because I miss it so much!!! I hope I explained well and I will see all you beauties very soon!

Daisy X

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