Friday, 21 October 2011

DIY: French Tips - Nails of the week!!!

Hey girls/guys!! Once again, I am so sorry, that i've been gone for a while, on YouTube and on blogging, but not I am officially back!! I have half-term (1 week off school) so I will definitely have the time to blog and film!! So anyways, I just wanted to do a quick post, on my nails of the week... for one of my birthday gifts, that I forgot to show you in my 'Birthday Haul/Gifts' video, I got a french manicure, nail set, I wasn't really sure how to do, it, because there was the 2 colours above, the plain gloss, and the white, and it also included a pink one. I thought that the pink didn't go with my skin tone, so I decided to do it like this!! I've had this on for t he past 2 days, and I'm just loving it!! I feel more comfortable, and able to do things, because these are my real nails, and I don't feel to awkward...I know my nails, aren't that long, but I'm growing them, so they will look more like fake nails, I think that it looks really good with any outfit, and it looks good when you're going to school, (nice and fresh!) If you honestly don't want to buy a french manicure set, then you can just buy a clear and white nail varnish, and that's all you need! I put cellotape on my nails to get a clean, sharp edge, painting the white on the edges...waited for it to dry, then I put a clear/gloss nail varnish, and I was done! Easy peasy!!
See you all soon!


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